Sunday, December 31, 2017

Best Table in Hell 403

Some more of my Old School faves.

Cheers Joe!

Big Boys – Fun Fun Fun – ep
The Minutemen – This Ain't No Picnic - Double Nickels On The Dime
Meat Puppets – Swimming Ground - Up On The Sun

Toxic Reasons – Drunk and Disorderly - Independence
Necros – Police Brutality - Conquest For Death
The Crucifucks – Hinkley Had a Vision - The Crucifucks

Beowülf – Plastic People - Lost My Head... But I'm Back On The Right Track
Capitol Punishment – Elephant Man - When Putsch Comes To Shove
Agression – Don't Be Mistaken - Grind Kings

Minor Threat – Look Back and Laugh – Out Of Step
Government Issue – Plain To See - Boycott Stabb
Bad Brains – Band In D.C. - Bad Brains

X – Hungry Wolf – Under The Big Black Sun
Social Distortion – It Wasn't a Pretty Picture - Mommy's Little Monster
Angry Samoans – (I'll Drink To This) Love Song - STP Not LSD

The Subhumans – Reality Is Waiting For a Bus – From the Cradle To the Grave
Conflict – One Nation Under The Bomb - It's Time To See Who's Who
Chaos UK – 4 Minute Warning - Burning Britain ep

Broken Bones – Their Living Is My Death - Dem Bones
Napalm Death – Instinct Of Survival - Scum
Extreme Noise Terror – Raping The Earth - A Holocaust In Your Head

The Freeze – American Town - Land Of the Lost
Black Flag – Rise Above - Damaged

Poison Idea – Getting The Fear – 12” Single