Sunday, July 9, 2017

Best Table in Hell 378

More Skate Rock this week but leaning towards the Thrashy side.

Cheers Joe!

Crossbone – Skate Or Die - Through Death and Hate
430 Steps – Exhausted Frustration - Faster & Louder
Bandanos – Knock Out - We Crush Your Mind With the Thrash Inside

Revolution Mother - Rollin' With The Mutha - Rollin' With The Mutha
D.R.I. - Against Me - But Wait... There's More!
Vicious Circle – Police Brutality - Only The Brave

Dayglo Abortions – The Dishwasher - Armageddon Survival Guide
Municipal Waste – Low Tolerance - Slime and Punishment
In Defence – Tacos Til Death - Don't Fuck With The Dungeon Master

Adrenicide – Bow Down To No One - Natural Born Thrashers
Set To Destroy – Scrape My Pipe - Drink By Day and Swerve By Night
Space Chaser - Skate Metal Punks - Single

Suicidal Tendencies – The Struggle Is Real - World Gone Mad
Cholos On Acid – Hidden War - Grab Your Brain
Bones Brigade – Blue Tile Lounge - Focused

Fang - Here Come the Cops - Here Come the Cops
The Boneless Ones – Give It To You - Skate For The Devil
Gang Green – Put Her On Top - King Of Bands

Cryptic Slaughter – Deathstyles Of The Poor And Lowly - Speak Your Peace
Crippled Fox – Mosh With Da Living Dead – Throw Up A 'V' That Stands For Venice
Stupids – God & Country - The Kids Don't Like It

The Loud Ones – Time To Skate - Time To Skate
A.N.S. - Beyond the Pizza Box - Let Them Eat Wood!