Saturday, December 24, 2016

Best Table in Hell 350

All Compilations this week.

Cheers Joe!

Circle Jerks – Paid Vacation - Let Them Eat Jellybeans
The Controllers – Neutron Bomb - Killed By Death Vol.1
Naked Raygun – Metastasis - Flipside Vinyl Fanzine Vol. 2

Social Unrest – Their Mistakes - Not So Quite on the Western Front
Civil Dissident – Death For a Buzz - Cleanse the Bacteria
Fighting Cause – Just Another Attitude – Punk?

Sloppy Seconds – Before We Had Cable - War Between The States (North)
Landlords – Sinners In The Hands Of An Angry God - War Between The States (South)
BGK – Arms Race - P.E.A.C.E./ War

Skoundrelz – Jimmy Closet - Thrasher Skate Rock Vol.1
J.F.A. - Beach Blanket Bongout - Thrasher Skate Rock Vol.2
Beyond Possession – My Disease - Thrasher Skate Rock Vol.3

A-Bomb Nation – This City - No Hold Back... All Attack!!!
Dirt Poor – Rebel Nation - No Slow... All Go!
Willful Neglect - Deprogrammed - Lung Cookies

Cock Sparrer – Sunday Stripper - Oi! The Album
Infa Riot – We Outnumber You - Strength Thru Oi!
The Business – Suburban Rebels - Carry On Oi!

Armed Suspects – For the Punks & Skins - Oi! The Sampler
Broken Heroes – Lesser Of Two Evils - East Coast of Oi!
Blue Collar Special – Take The Blame - Old Skars and Upstarts

The Proletariat – Religion Is The Opium Of The Masses - This is Boston, Not L.A.
MDC – Revolution In Rock - Rat Music For Rat People

The Haskell's – Takin' The City By Storm - Bloodstains Across The Midwest