Sunday, March 20, 2016

Best Table in Hell 310

All Compilations this week.

Cheers Joe!

Adolescents – Amoeba - Rodney on the ROQ Vol.1
Black Flag – Rise Above - Rodney on the ROQ Vol.2
The Vandals – Urban Struggle - Rodney on the ROQ Vol.3

Subhumans – Slave to My Dick - Let Them Eat Jellybeans
The Authorities – I Hate Cops - Killed By Death Vol.1
The Boneless Ones – Love to Hate - Them Boners Be Poppin'

Vengence – No One Listens - Not So Quiet on the Western Front
Strung Out – Wrong Side of the Tracks - Punk Bites
Western Addiction – The Church of Black Flag – Rock Against Floyd

The Freeze – Broken Bones - This is Boston, Not L.A.
Groinoids – Empty Skull - Unsafe at Any Speed
S.I.B. - No One Rules - Beating the Meat

Crise Total – Dezumanizcao - Destruyendo la Industria Musical
U.K. Subs – Police State - Punk & Disorderly Vol.2
Civil Disgust – Grab Ahold - Punk vs. Government

Vampire Lezbos - Plasma - JAKS Skaterock Vol.1 & 2
The Onyas – I'll Be the Judge - Going After Pussy
Headons – Someone Else - PoDunk Radio Punk Rock Vol.1

Subhumans – Rats - P.E.A.C.E./WAR
Sloppy Seconds – Before We Had Cable - War Between the States: North
Landlords – Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God - War Between the States: South

Butch Lust & The Hypocrites – Smashed Rats - Big Apple Rotten to the Core Vol.1
Norman Bates & The Showerheads – Young Punks in Lust - Big Apple Rotten to the Core Vol.2