Saturday, January 23, 2016

Best Table in Hell 302

All Compilations this week.

Cheers Joe!

Bad Brains – Pay to Cum - Let Them Eat Jellybeans
The Boneless Ones – Love to Hate - Them Boners Be Poppin'
Articles of Faith – Up Against the Wall – P.E.A.C.E./War

Ghost Dance – Shrunken Heads - Not So Quiet on the Western Front
Civil Dissent – Death For a Buzz - Cleanse the Bacteria
G.G. Allin – A Fuck Up - War Between the States

The Insane – El Salvador - Punk and Disorderly
Fang – Send Me to Hell C.O.D. - Rat Music For Rat People
Cult Maniax – American Dream - Beating the Meat

Ism – John Hinkley Jr. (What Has Jodie Foster Done to You?) - Big Apple Rotten to the Core
Unjust – Cannibals - Big City's One Big Crowd
Government Issue - Hey Ronnie - Flex Your Head

Loud Fast Rules – Propaganda - Barefoot & Pregnant
Plate O' Shrimp – D-R-U-N-K - No Hold Back... All Attack!
Skaterbait – Drop Like Flies - No Slow... All Go!

Cock Sparrer – Sunday Stripper - Oi! The Album
The Business – Suburban Rebels - Carry On Oi!
Toy Dolls – She Goes to Finos - Strength Thru Oi!

Armed Suspects – For the Punks & Skins - Oi! The Sampler
The Ducky Boys – We'll Find a Way - The East Coast of Oi!
Noi!se – Bottom of the Barrel - Oi! Still Fighting!!!

Youth Brigade – Violence - Someone Got Their Head Kicked In
Dow Jones & The Industrials – Can't Stand the Midwest - Bloodstains Across the Midwest