Sunday, November 18, 2012

Best table in Hell 136

Starting with a couple sets of Classic Mpls. stuff and then bouncing all over the place.

Cheers Joe!

Best Table in Hell 136 BTiH Podcast

Husker Du - The Biggest Lie - Zen Arcade
Baby Astronauts - Haircut - Bacon (Pig Fat)
Dillinger Four - Supermodels Don’t Drink Colt .45 - Midwestern Songs of the Americas

Replacements - Raised in the City - Sorry Ma… Forgot to Take Out the Trash
Run Westy Run - Circles of Joy - Run Westy Run
Magnolias - High Class - Concrete Pillbox

Abrasive Wheels - Burn ‘Em Down - When the Punks Go Marching In
Blatz - Homemade Speed - Shit Split
Filth - Night of Rage - Shit Split

The Demonics - She’s So Gone - Hot Rod Pussy
Badtown Boys - Radio Don’t Rock - Badtown Boys
D.O.A. - Get Out of My Life - Something Better Change

Butt Trumpet - Read the Fucking Manuel - Board Stiff
Caustic Christ - Medicated - Lycanthropy
Dead Lazlo’s Place - Punk Rock Sleazebag Bastard - Lonely Street

The Candy Snatchers - No Time To Waste - Human Zoo
The Chiefs - Karen Walach - Holly-West Crisis
Hollywood Indians - Addict - Lock Up the Dogs

Didjits - Spicy Little Outfit - Que Sirhan Sirhan
The Creamers - Trail of Ruined Days - Stick it in Your Ear
The Burdens - Wait Your Turn - Working Class Joke

The Casualties - In It For Life - Under Attack
Final Conflict - Apocalypse Now - Ashes to Ashes
Box Car Wino - Pig Farmer - Brown Paper Bag

The Witnesses - Nowhere to Run - Scene of the Crime