Sunday, July 15, 2012

Best Table in Hell 118

This week all about the stuff that influenced me in my late teens early 20's. Sort of a best of as it were.

Cheers Joe!

Best Table in Hell 118 BTiH Podcast

Black Flag - Rise Above - Damaged
Subhuman’s - Canada’s Favorite Sport - No Wishes, No Prayers
Adolescents - L.A. Girl - Adolescents

Exploited - Dead Cities - Dead Cities ep
UK Subs - Stranglehold - Another Kind of Blues
Chaos UK - Fashion Change - Chaos UK

The Clash - Safe European Home - Give ‘Em Enough Rope
The Business - Smash the Discos - Smash the Discos
Anti-Nowhere League - Animal - We Are… the League

Replacements - Hangin’ Downtown - Sorry Ma.. Forgot to Take Out the Trash
Husker Du - First of the Last Calls - Metal Circus
The Suburbs - Chemistry Set - The Suburbs ep

X - Your Phones Off the Hook But Your Not - Los Angeles
Appliances SFB - Nothing - Appliances SFB
The Blasters - Marie, Marie - American Music

Naked Raygun - Rat Patrol - Throb Throb
The Effigies - Silent Burn - For Ever Grounded
Articles of Faith - Bad Attitude - What We Want is Free

Circle Jerks - Wild in the Streets - Wild in the Streets
Bad Brains - Sailin’ On - Bad Brains
Fear - I Love Livin’ in the City - The Record

Dead Kennedy’s - Bleed For Me - Plastic Surgery Disasters
Ramones - Rockaway Beach - Rocket to Russia