Sunday, June 24, 2012

Best Table in Hell 115

Just straight up rocking this week.

Thanks Joe!

Best Table in Hell 115 BTiH Podcast

The A.G.’s - I Like Boobs - Bryan’s Car
D.I. - Pervert Nurse - Horse Bites Dog Cries
Dead Generation - H. D. Crew - Don’t Stay and Play

Body Count - Who Are You - Born Dead
Discharge - Protest and Survive - Hear Nothing, See Nothing, Say Nothing
The Insurgence - Blood Money - The Insurgence

Voodoo Glow Skulls - Silencer - Symbolic
Battalion of Saints - Thru With You - Death-R-Us
G.B.H. - Lycanthropy - Leather, Bristles, Studs and Acne

Victim’s Willing - Atom Bombs for Love - Old Bones and New Cadavers
Draize Method - Speak Mind - Now More Than Ever
N.F.F.U. - Punk Rock is a Result of Low Quality Drugs - Dead Last

Billy Riot and the Fuckwit’s - You Say You Usta be a Punk - Run and Hide Records "Lost In The Truggle, Anarchy In the Big City”
In Defence - Mosh Against Monsanto - Party Lines and Politics
Jello Biafra and the G.S.M. - Dot Com Monte Carlo - Enhanced Methods of Questioning

Dr. Know - Truck With No Brakes - Killing For God
Zero Boys - Civilizations Dying - Vicious Circle
The Strychnine Babies - Catholic Toy - Six Songs for Destruction

Rusty Bishops - No Way Out - Trying to Live Right
Working Stiffs - Right Where They Want Me  - Dog Tired
Ticking Bombs - Daddy’s Little Devil - Hall of Shame

F.U.’s - What You Pay For - My America

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Awesome Poetry

My friend Kristi has put out an ebook of poetry. Check this out. Even better is the download of her reading the poetry. Highly Recommended. Bluest Grey

Cheers Joe!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Best Table in Hell 114

All over the place this Father's Day weekend.

Cheers Joe!

Best Table in Hell 114 BTiH Podcast

Henry Rollins - Do It! - Do It!
Bullet Lavolta - Over the Shoulder - The Gift
TMA - You Can Try - Beach Party 2000

Alcoholics Unanimous - Booze is the Answer - Hangover Cure
Society’s Parasites - Late Week Night - The Troubled States
Star Fucking Hipsters - Two Cups of Tea - Until We’re Dead

Descendants - Silly Girl - I Don’t Want to Grow Up
White Flag - Instant Breakfast - Wild Kingdom
The Freeze - American Town - Land of the Lost

Appliances SFB - Bob Hope - Appliances SFB
Suspect Device - A Mighty Fall - December 2011
Animal Train - Tell it Like it Is - Chicken Burn

Antisocial Degenerates - Working Class War - From Chaos to Whenever
Victims - Your Life is Red - Divide and Conquer
Snap-Her - There She Goes - It Smells, It Burns, It Stings…

Attentat Sonore - Animal - Syndrome de Stockholm
The TransAms - Check-Out Girl (Take Me Home) - Race the Devil
Cadillac Tramps - Should I… - It’s Alright

Chemical People - New Food - Ten Fold Hate
Betty Blowtorch - Size Queen - Are You Man Enough?
Skatenigs - Horny For Evil - Stupid People Shouldn’t Breed

Widows  - Wall of Berlin - Balls N’ Bollocks

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Best Table in Hell 113

All Ramones influenced stuff on BTiH 113 after a night at The Bears Den.

Cheers Joe!

Best Table in Hell 113 BTiH Podcast

Ramones - I Don’t Want to Go Down to the Basement - Ramones
The Vindictives - Future Homemakers of America - Many Moods of the Vindictives
Groovie Ghoulies - Island of Pogo Pogo - World Contact Day

Screeching Weasels - What We Hate - My Brain Hurts
Boris the Sprinkler - My Radio is Telling Me to Kill - Suck
Swingin’ Teens - 7th Street - Transfixation

Sloppy Seconds - Come Back, Traci - Destroyed
The Huntington’s - Lucy’s About to Lose Her Mind - Fun and Games
The Queers - Your Tripping - Love Songs For the Retarded

Motorhead - Motorhead - 7”
The Pleasure Fuckers - Little Train - Ripped to the Tits
The Lurkers - Ain’t Got a Clue - Falham Fallout

Riverdales - Judy Go Home - Riverdales
The Didgits - Stingray - Hey Judester
The Loudmouth’s - Kick Her Out - Loudmouth’s

The Clash - Garageland - The Clash
The Zeros - Wild Weekend - Don’t Push Me Around
Hanson Brothers - A Night Without You - Gross Misconduct

The Sex Pistols - No Feelings - Spunk
The Dickies - I’ve Got a Splitting Headachi - Dawn of the Dickies
The Jabbers - Cock Magnet - American Standard

Jon Cougar Concentration Camp - Rusty Nipples - S/T
X - Your Phones Off the Hook, But Your Not - Los Angeles

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Best Table in Hell 112

All Mpls. this week as I'm back home for a few days.

Cheers Joe!

Best Table in Hell 112 BTiH Podcast

Man Size Action - Can’t Get Enough - Discography
Soul Asylum - Swingin’ - Times Incinerator
Baby Astronauts - Just About to Lose it - All the Pancakes You Can Eat

Quincy Punx - Blowing Chunks - We’re Not Punx… But We Play Them on T.V.
Assrash - Helicopter Skyline - Up the Punk
Damage Deposit - That’s Not Core Dude - Do Damage Demo

Replacements - Kids Don’t Follow - Stink
Run Westy Run - Iceland Queen - Hardly Not Even
Playhouse - They Said You Were Dead - Gazebo Princess

SMUT - No Sacrifice - Blood, Smut and Tears
Off With Their Heads - Wrong - From the Bottom
Dumpster Juice - Quart Bottle Date - That Not So Fresh Feeling

Cows - Blown - Sexy Pee Story
Bastards - Who Cares - 7
Hammerhead - M.I.A. - Evil Twin 10”

Husker Du - Target - Everything Falls Apart
Dragnet - Did I Say - Life in General
Magnolias - Reach Out - Concrete Pillbox

Outcry - The Wave - Everything
Skaterbait - Drop Like Flies - No Slow… All Go!
Blackout - A Squad Car Named Desire - Blackout

Dillinger Four - O.K.F.M.D.O.A. -  Midwestern Songs of the Americas
Short Fuses - Supercharged - Short Fuses

Babes in Toyland - He’s My Thing - Spanking Machine