Sunday, March 11, 2012

Best Table in Hell 100

To celebrate the 100th BTiH show it's all about Mpls. this week. Next week I'll be dropping a bunch of new stuff I've received.

Cheers Joe!

Best Table in Hell 100

Replacement’s - Hangin’ Downtown - Sorry Ma…
Flaming Oh’s - New Life - Oh!
Magnolias - High Class - Concrete Pillbox

Rollin’ Mud - Raw - Live at the Longhorn Space
The Vibes -  - The Vibes
Breaking Circus - Soul of Japan - Very Long Fuse

Soul Asylum - Money Talks - Say What You Will, Clarence…
Baby Astronauts - Haircut - All the Pancakes You Can Eat… plus Bacon
Suicide Commandos - Burn it Down - Make a Record

Husker Du - Diane - Metal Circus
Rifle Sport - King of Trash - White (Made in France)
Neomort - (Things That I) Love  - Hugs and Kisses

Arcwelder - Missing - Jacket Made In Canada
Man Sized Action - Who’s Kiddin’ Who - Discography
Style Monkeez - Night Life - Smelt Fry in Antigo

Cows - Walks Alone - Cunning Stunts
Hammerhead - American Rampage - Ethereal Killer
Gnomes of Zurich - The Mod in You - 33rd Degree Burns

Babes in Toyland - Swamp Pussy - Spanking Machine
Dumpster Juice - Ooh Baby Ooh - Who Died in Here?

Dillinger Four - Fuzzy Pink Hand-Cuffs - Situationist Comedy