Sunday, October 2, 2011

Best Table in Hell 77

 Start with some stuff that 's been sent in, some Classic UK Hardcore. All over the place this week.

Cheers Joe!

Best Table in Hell 77

Fully Blown - Fire Bush - Threesome in Sparta
Million Kids - Sushi - Don’t Threaten Me With a Good Time
Standard and Poor - Middle Earth - What’s in the Big Black Bag

GBH - Prayer of a Realist - City Baby Attacked By Rat’s
Subhuman’s - Mickey Mouse is Dead - The Day the Country Died
Discharge - Drunk With Power - Hear Nothing, See Nothing, Say Nothing

Exploited - Royalty - Punks Not Dead
Cockney Rejects - Way of the Rocker - The Wild Ones
U.K. Subs - Stranglehold - Another Kind of Blues

Edge of Panic - Final Blow - Titan
Moral Decline - The FCC Can Suck My Balls - EP
Anti Bodies - Blacked Out  - 7”

Blowtorch - Drunk - Automotivation
John Cougar Concentration Camp - Big Empty Room - S/T
The Bomb - Holiday - Speed is Everything

Christ on Parade - Flash - Sounds of Nature
Distillers - Sick Of It All - Sing Sing Death House
Dogsflesh - The Threat Remains - Vision of Hell

Jeff Dahl Group - Feels Alright - Scratch Up Some Action
The Pagans - What’s This Shit Called Love - Everybody Hates You
Anal Babes - Face Of Fear - Delirium or Diarrhea

Zeke - Wreckin’ Machine - Super Sound Racing