Sunday, July 17, 2011

Best Table in Hell 66

BTiH 66 is all over the place as usual. Catch it at or hit the download at

Cheers Joe!

Best Table in Hell 66

The Accused - Fucking for Bucks - The Return of Martha Splatterhead
Juvenile Truth - Walk Toward the Sun - No Enemy (Demo)
The Meat Puppets - Unpleasant - Meat Puppets I

The Beldings - Land of the Dead - Curse of  the Vampire
The Dive Bombers - Can’t Wait to Let You Down - Demo
Speedpasta - Red is for Roses - Demo

Executioner - Hellbound - The Anthology
Stainless Steel Ride - Tuff Luck - Flipped Off By Cowboys
29th Street Disciples - Sweet Torper - 29th Street Disciples

Quincy Punx - Brady Bunch - (ME)
Like Hell - Polly Want a Crack Rock - Famous Orgies
Midnight Evils - Pipebreaker - Breakin’ It Down

The Living End - Hold Up - Modern Artillery
Swinging Utters - No Place in the Sun - The Streets of San Francisco
Bankrupt - Straight Outta Graceland - Rocket to Riot City

Sheer Terror - Time Don’t Heal a Thing - Ugly and Proud
Otho Seco - Nada - Beating the Meat Comp.
Blowtorch - Invincible - Automotivation

Bulimia Banquet - Seek Al - Party My Colon
UK Vomit - A-line Disaster - Hooplass
The Ejected - Fast and Loud - The Ejected

The Freeze - No Exposure - Land of the Lost
Poison Idea - Cop An Attitude - Kings of Punk
Civil Dissent - Death For a Buzz - Cleanse the Bacteria Comp.

Social Distortion - Mass Hysteria - Someone Got Their Head Kicked In! Comp.