Monday, May 30, 2011

Best Table in Hell 59

Just got back to Salt Lake after some crazy weather up camping in the mountains. So I just threw this together, lot's of Classic Hardcore.

Cheers Joe!

Best Table in Hell 59

The Descendents - Hurtin’ Crue - Enjoy!
Poison 13 - My Biggest Mistake - Wine is Red, Poison Is Blue
Dag Nasty - Values Here - Can I Say

Circle Jerks - Forced Labor - Wild In the Streets
D.I. - O.C. Life - Ancient Artifacts
Bad Religion - American Dream - How Could Hell Be Any Worse

The Subhuman’s - For the Common Good - No Wishes, No prayers
Dayglo Abortions - Argh Fuck Kill- Die Sinner Die - Feed Us a Fetus
D.O.A. - I Don’t Give A Shit - Hardcore ‘81

Black Flag - Out Of This World - In My Head
Zero Boy’s - High Places - Vicious Circle
Naked Raygun - Swingo - Basement Screams

Husker Du - Divide and Conquer - Flip Your Wig
Babylon Pink - Strange Stuff - Long Weekend
Man Sized Action - Looking At You - Discography

Dead Kennedy’s - Bleed For Me - Plastic Surgery Disasters
White Kaps - Heads Start - Blown In the U.S.A.
Die Kreuzen - This Hope - Die Kreuzen

Million Kids - Boom Goes the Bomb - Don’t Threaten Me With a Good Time
SPLNTR - Wonder Why? - Everything I have is Yours
Moral Decline - What’s Wrong With America - E.P.

Agnostic Front - Strength - Liberty and Justice…
Skarhead - Kings at Crime - Kings at Crime

Murphy’s Law - Push Comes To Shove - Back With a Bong