Sunday, April 17, 2011

Best Table in Hell 53

Back to the usual BTiH. All over the place Punk Rock. Catch it on PoDunk Radio on Tueday nights at 9pm est. Right after Tim Pop Live.

Cheers Joe!

Best Table in Hell 53

D.I. - Blue Velvet - Tragedy Again
Urinal Mints - I Wanna Smoke Crack With You - Own Your Soul
GBH - Slut - City Baby Attacked By Rats

Dogs flesh - Psycho Bitch - Vision of Hell
One Way System - Ain’t No Answers - All Systems Go
Dr. and the Crippens - Greenfinger - Raphanadosis

Butt Trumpet - Clusterfuck - Primitive Enema
Dirty Filthy Mugs - Another Round - All Yobs In
Urban Waste - No Hope - Mob Style ep.

Gaza Strippers - Automat - Laced Candy
Humble Gods - Fucked Up - Humble Gods
The Unseen - Weapons of Mass Deception- State of Discontent

Jello Biafra & the Guantanamo School of Medicine - New Feudalism - The Audacity of Hype
Big Banana’s - Captain America - Banana All the Way
L.D.S. - Necromaniac - Nightmare

Leeway - Be Loud - Born To/Desperate Measures
Sheer Terror - Drunk!, Divorced! and Downhill Fast! - Love Songs For the Unloved
Murphy’s Law - Stress - The Party’s Over

U.K. Vomit - Zipper - Hooplass
Public Nuisance - Whiskey Galore - Alcohol Rub Out
Gauze - Pressing On - Equalizing Distort

L7 - Fast and Frightening - Smell the Magic
The Meatmen - War of the Superbikes - War of the Superbikes