Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Best Table in Hell 52-2

That's right Part 2 of the All Mpls, One year Anniversary Episode of BTiH. Jacks said he'll Play them back to back Saturday afternoon on PoDunk Radio. Or else grab the Podcast at or itunes. Next week I get back to the usual Punk, Skate, Hardcore.....

Cheers Joe!

Best Table in Hell 52 -2

Like hell - Sense of Impending Doom - Famous Orgies
Hammerhead - U.V. - Evil Twin
American Head Charge - Cowards - The Feeding

Big Fucking Skull - Skulls That Ride City Buses - Six Skulls Against the World
Neomort - Pain - Hugs and Kisses
Impaler - Shock Rock - Rise of the Mutants

Destroy - Crowd Control - Discography
Misery - Full - Next Time
State Of Fear - What Comes Around Goes Around - Discography

Dillinger Four - Folk Song - Situationist Comedy
Off With Their Heads - Drive - In Desolation
The Soviettes - Bottom’s Up, Bottemed Out - LP I

The Flaming Oh’s - I Won’t, She Don’t - Oh!
Prince - Sister - Dirty Minds
The Jayhawks - Waiting for the Sun - Hollywood Town Hall

Flipp - Schizo Boy - Flipp
Jonestown - Malcom - All Day Sucker
Arc welder - I Know How You Are - Everest

The Short Fuses - Increase The Grease - The Short Fuses
Man Sized Action - Looking At You - Discography
Mecht Mensch - Teen Life - Barefoot an Pregnant Comp.

Halo Of Flies - Insecticide Stomp - Dope Guns and Fucking in the Streets Comp.