Sunday, February 27, 2011

Best Table in Hell 46

This week we are all over the place again. Catch the airing on Real Punk Radio Monday night at Midnight est. or grab the podcast at or itunes.

Cheers Joe!

Best Table in Hell 46

The Undead - In Eighty Four - Dawn of the Undead
Balzac - Fiendish Ghouls - The Last Men on Earth
Gwar  - Salaminizer - Scumdogs of the Universe

Ramones - Somebody Put Something in My Drink - Animal Boy
Eddie and The Hot Rods - All I Need Is Money - Do Anything You Wanna Do
Pleasure Fuckers - The Gimp - Supper Star

Boris the Sprinkler - Boulevard Bulldog - 8-Testicled Pogo Machine
Christ on Parade - Rock & Roll Armageddon - Insanity Is A Sane Reaction
MK-Ultra - These Things I Believe - Statues

VAZ - Meld w/U-90 - Demonstrations In Micronesia
Heroine Sheiks - Be a Man - Journey to the End Of the Knife
Halo of Flies - No Time - Music For Insect Minds

Dictators - Faster & Louder - Bloodbrothers
Living End - Carry Me Home - Roll On
Pink Lincolns - Bad Love - Pure Swank

Red Aunts - Hate - #1 Chicken
The Stupids - Always Never Fun - Peruvian Vacation
Wasted Youth - Missionary Imposition - Reagan’s In/Get Out Of My Yard

Psychocharger - Roadkill - Curse of the Psycho
Skatenigs - Horny For Evil - Stupid People Shouldn’t Breed

Lard - I Wanna Be a Drug-Sniffing Dog - Pure Chewing Satisfaction