Sunday, December 5, 2010

Best Table in Hell 34

BTiH #34 is all about stuff that was sent in and dropped this year. Catch the airing on Real Punk Radio, Monday nights at Midnight est. Or get the download at or itunes.

Cheers Joe!

Best Table in Hell 34

Million Kids - Transmit Radio - LA’s Gonna Make You Breath
Speedpasta - Oil Nation - Demo
Splntr - Needle Park - Live

Standard and Poor - Taken Too Young - What’s in the Big Black Bag
MUT!NY - Mr. Bartender - Black E.P.
Stainless Steele Ride - Tuff Luck - Flipped Off By Cowboys

Moral Decline - Creepin’ - Demo
Slobbery Dognose - R ’n’ R Never Dies - New Breed
29th Street Disciples - A Letter To Life - 29th Street Disciples

Edge of Panic - No Self - Titan
Slopshot - Freddy - Read ‘Em and Weep
Public Perverts - Fistfight - Badunkapunk

The Insurgence - Images Of The Apocalypse - The Insurgence
Civil Disgust - Pull The Plug - Lambs To Slaughter
Pretty Mess - Speed - We Are the Damaged Youth

Vaporizer - Vaporize Me - Vaporizer
The Dead Class - Dirty Dick - Stick
The Pain - Blessed Are The Children - Arab On The Hill

The Dangits - Wasted - The Dangits
Adrenalized - Gray Youth - Docet Umbra
Dogs flesh - City of Dust - Revival of Species

The Ruiners - Love/Hate (Eat Me Alive) - Happy Birthday Bitch