Monday, September 13, 2010

Best Table in Hell 22

Episode # 22, all over the place as usual. A little Noise, some crusty Hardcore, some Old School. Catch it on Real Punk Radio tonight  at Midnight or grab the download at

Cheers Joe!

Best Table in Hell 22

Hanson Bros. - A Night Without You - Gross Misconduct
Gang Green - Alcohol - Another Wasted Night
The Freeze - No Exposure - The Land of the Lost

The Generators - Sound Off the Alarms - Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea
Ed Geins Car - Go Down on My Dog - Making Dick Dance
Chemical People - Find Out - So Sexist!

God Bullies - Creepy People - Mama Womb Womb
Janitor Joe - Limited Edition - Big Metal Birds
The Heroine Sheiks - Brooklyntown Romeo - Out Of Aferica

Toxic Narcotic - At War With Nature - We’re All Doomed
DS-13 - In the Name of the Revolution - Killed By the Kids
Misery - Just A Drunkard - Next Time/ Who’s the Fool

Capitol Punishment - Slum With a View - Slum With a View
China White - Danger Zone - Danger Zone
Feederz - Destruction Unit - Ever Feel Like Killing Your Boss

Lords Of the New Church - Apocalypso - S/T
D.I. - Falling Out - Ancient Artifacts
Knucklehead - Big City Lights - Voice Among Us

Guttermouth - End On 9 - Friendly People
Doggy Style - Ladies From Neptune - Side By Side

Didgits - Stingray - Hey Judester