Monday, September 27, 2010

Best Table in Hell 24

Just finished up episode 24 of BTiH, lots of Hardcore and Skate this week. As usual the show will air on Real Punk Radio Monday night at Midnight est. and then will be available for downloads at and itunes.

Cheers Joe!

Best Table in Hell 24

The Insurgence - Blood Money - The Insurgence
Civil Disgust - Bottlehead - Lambs to Slaughter Demo
US Bombs - No Love - Garibaldi Guards

Hypnotics - Eating Soup - Indoor Fiends
The Ghouls - Armageddon - It’s Your Time to Die
F.U.’s - What You Pay For - My America

Broken Bones - Seeing Through My Eyes - Decapitation
Contempt - Lie - Still Fighting On
Dogsflesh - Psycho Bitch - Visions of Hell

Outcry - The Lizard - Everything
Quincy Punx - Brady Bunch - M E
Subversives - Lab Rat - Tomorrow Belongs to No One
Die Kreuzen - This Hope - Die Kreuzen

Skarhead - Drugs, Money & Sex - Kings At Crime
Madball - The Blame - Droppin’ Many Suckers
Terror - All For Revenge - Always The Hard Way

Common Enemy - Skate That Shit - Thrashing Under the Influence
Clit Boys - No Such Thing - We Don’t Play the Game
Bones Brigade - Evil Dead - I Hate Myself When I’m Not Skateboarding

Necros - Reject - I.Q. 32 7”
No Alternative - Dead Men Tell No Lies - Nights In S.F. ‘78-‘82
Fear - Responsibility - More Beer

Standard and Poor - What’s in the Big Black Bag - What’s in the Big Black Bag
Fang - The Money Will Roll Right In - Landshark

Moral Decline - I Need a Drink - EP

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Best Table in Hell 23

Best Table in Hell # 23 is done and on it's way to Real Punk Radio for it's Monday night airing at Midnight est. Or else you can download it from or itunes.

Cheers Joe!

Best Table in Hell 23

Edge Of Panic - No Self - Titan
Standard and Poor - Born Bad - What’s in the Big Black Bag
Million Kids - Raw - LA is Gonna Make You Breathe

Splntr - Needle Park - Live
Agression - Razor - Grind Kings
Spears - Can’t Get Right - Shove

Anti-Nowhere League - So What - We Are the League
GBH - Big Women - City Baby Attacked By Rats
Subhumans - Apathy - Worlds Apart

Avengers - Car Crash - Avengers
Babes in Toyland - Bruise Violet - Fontanelle
Baby Astronauts - Fuckcess - All the Pancakes You Can Eat/Bacon (Pig Fat)

Articles of Faith - Bad Attitude - Complete Vol. 1
Black Flag - My War - My War
Bad Brains - Banned in D.C. - Bad Brains

Fishbone - “Simon Says” The Kingpin - In Your Face
24 7 Spyz - Grandma Dynamite - Harder Than You
Infectious Grooves - Punk It Up - The Plague That Makes Your Booty Move

Red Hot Chile Peppers - Police Helicopter - S/T
Big Boys - I Do Care - Fat Elvis

Tar Babies - Vices - Fried Milk

Monday, September 13, 2010

Best Table in Hell 22

Episode # 22, all over the place as usual. A little Noise, some crusty Hardcore, some Old School. Catch it on Real Punk Radio tonight  at Midnight or grab the download at

Cheers Joe!

Best Table in Hell 22

Hanson Bros. - A Night Without You - Gross Misconduct
Gang Green - Alcohol - Another Wasted Night
The Freeze - No Exposure - The Land of the Lost

The Generators - Sound Off the Alarms - Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea
Ed Geins Car - Go Down on My Dog - Making Dick Dance
Chemical People - Find Out - So Sexist!

God Bullies - Creepy People - Mama Womb Womb
Janitor Joe - Limited Edition - Big Metal Birds
The Heroine Sheiks - Brooklyntown Romeo - Out Of Aferica

Toxic Narcotic - At War With Nature - We’re All Doomed
DS-13 - In the Name of the Revolution - Killed By the Kids
Misery - Just A Drunkard - Next Time/ Who’s the Fool

Capitol Punishment - Slum With a View - Slum With a View
China White - Danger Zone - Danger Zone
Feederz - Destruction Unit - Ever Feel Like Killing Your Boss

Lords Of the New Church - Apocalypso - S/T
D.I. - Falling Out - Ancient Artifacts
Knucklehead - Big City Lights - Voice Among Us

Guttermouth - End On 9 - Friendly People
Doggy Style - Ladies From Neptune - Side By Side

Didgits - Stingray - Hey Judester

Monday, September 6, 2010

Best Table in Hell 21

BTiH 21 is up and ready for downloads at the usual places and itunes. If your not cool enough to catch it on Real Punk Radio Monday nights at Midnight est. This week has a bunch of old school stuff. Enjoy!

Cheers Joe!

Best Table in Hell 21

29th Street Disciples - The Way the Other Half Think - S/T
Stench - King Mob - Cult Status
The Humpers - Fucking Secretaries - Euphoria, Confusion, Anger and Remorse

Circle Jerks - World Up My Ass - Group Sex
Cadillac Tramps - Cadillac Hearse - LIVE
Youth Brigade - Sink With California - Sink With California

Born To Lose - Sayonara ,Kid! - The Dreams Of Kids
Groovie Ghoulies - Till Death Do Us Party - Go! Stories
The Living End - Misspent Youth - Hellbound

Rifle Sport - Green Cans - White (Made In France)
Dillinger Four - Fuzzy Pink Hand-cuffs - Situationist Comedy
Rollin’ Mud - Fun Fun Fun - Live at the Longhorn Practice Space

Red Meat - Another Day - Lung Cookies comp.
Pariah - Learning Process - Not So Quiet on the Western Front comp.
Afflicted - Here Come the Cops - P.E.A.C.E/WAR comp.

Pietasters - Out All Night - Willis
7 Year Bitch - In Lust You Trust - Sick ‘Em
Motorhead - Back at the Funny Farm - Another Perfect Day

Conflict - Working Class Rip-Off - Turning Rebellion Into Money