Friday, August 27, 2010

Best Table in Hell 20

Just finished up #20. It will be sent off soon to Real Punk Radio for it's usual Monday night at Midnight airing and then available for downloads at and itunes. This week has a lot of Mp3's that were sent to me by bands. Keep'em coming and I'll keep playing 'em.

Cheers Joe!

Best Table in Hell 20

Million Kids - Transmit Radio - L.A. is Gonna Make You Breathe
Standard and Poor - I Wanna Go Back - What’s In the Big Black Bag
SPLNTR - Drive - Disconnected

Anti Social Degenerates - I Dropped Out - Democracy Reloaded
AskForBob - 61 Good Reasons - Be Bob & Rock Steady
D.B.F. - Too Wide Apart - Not Bound To Rules

Lubricated Goat - Lullaby - Psychedelicatessen
Melvins - Honey Bucket - Houdini
Cop Shoot Cop - Heads I Win, Tails You Lose - White Noise

Slopshot - Marked - Read’em and Weep
The Dead Class - Dirty Dick - Stick
Stainless Steele Ride - Tuff Luck - Flipped Off By Cowboys

Pisshead Blues Band - Detox - Pisshead Blues Band
The Vibes - Must Be Crazy - The Vibes
Playhouse - MDMA - Gazebo Princess
Blackout - Raining Fire - Blackout

Deafness By Noise - Alright - Noize Deaf Forever
Slobbery Dognose - Bad In Your Heart - New Breed
Vaporizer - Play Some Rock&Roll - Vaporizer

Public Perverts - Fistfight - Badunkapunk