Sunday, August 22, 2010

Best Table in Hell 19

Just finished up BTiH 19 sending it to Real Punk Radio for it's usual Monday night at Midnight est. airing. All over the place again this week. As always it will be available for downloads after the airing at and itunes.

Cheers Joe!

Best Table in Hell 19

Blasters - One Bad Stud - Streets of Fire soundtrack
X - Because I Do - Under the Big Black Sun
The Undead - My Kinda Town - 9 Toes Later 7”

White Kaps - Don’t Bother Me - Endless Bummer
Thrashin’ in the Streets - Shred of the Dead - Season of Evil
Spider Babies - Want You Right Here - Adventures in Sex! And Violence

Raw Power - Death Seller - You Are The Victim
Naked Aggression - Your Nightmare, My Life - March March Along
Moral Decline - FCC Can Suck My Balls - America For Sale

Plasmatics - Monkey Suit - New Hope For The Wretched
For Fuck Sake - Fashion Disorder - Trapped Like A Rat
Dirty Filthy Mugs - Another Round - All Yobs In

SCUM - Throw Up On You - Gospels For The Sick
The Cooters - Crusty - Punk Metal
Chapstik - Twat’s It To Ya? - Barnburner

Arcwelder - Harmonic Instrumental - Jacket Made in Canada
Jonestown - Short Time Left - Dope Guns & Fucking in the Streets comp.
Test Monkey - Monster Factory - Demo

Cobra Skulls - Cobra Skullifornia - Sitting Army
Mike Ness - Don’t Think Twice, It‘s All Right - Cheating at Solitaire

Duane Peters Gunfight - Voodoo Tramp - Checkmate