Friday, August 27, 2010

Best Table in Hell 20

Just finished up #20. It will be sent off soon to Real Punk Radio for it's usual Monday night at Midnight airing and then available for downloads at and itunes. This week has a lot of Mp3's that were sent to me by bands. Keep'em coming and I'll keep playing 'em.

Cheers Joe!

Best Table in Hell 20

Million Kids - Transmit Radio - L.A. is Gonna Make You Breathe
Standard and Poor - I Wanna Go Back - What’s In the Big Black Bag
SPLNTR - Drive - Disconnected

Anti Social Degenerates - I Dropped Out - Democracy Reloaded
AskForBob - 61 Good Reasons - Be Bob & Rock Steady
D.B.F. - Too Wide Apart - Not Bound To Rules

Lubricated Goat - Lullaby - Psychedelicatessen
Melvins - Honey Bucket - Houdini
Cop Shoot Cop - Heads I Win, Tails You Lose - White Noise

Slopshot - Marked - Read’em and Weep
The Dead Class - Dirty Dick - Stick
Stainless Steele Ride - Tuff Luck - Flipped Off By Cowboys

Pisshead Blues Band - Detox - Pisshead Blues Band
The Vibes - Must Be Crazy - The Vibes
Playhouse - MDMA - Gazebo Princess
Blackout - Raining Fire - Blackout

Deafness By Noise - Alright - Noize Deaf Forever
Slobbery Dognose - Bad In Your Heart - New Breed
Vaporizer - Play Some Rock&Roll - Vaporizer

Public Perverts - Fistfight - Badunkapunk

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Best Table in Hell 19

Just finished up BTiH 19 sending it to Real Punk Radio for it's usual Monday night at Midnight est. airing. All over the place again this week. As always it will be available for downloads after the airing at and itunes.

Cheers Joe!

Best Table in Hell 19

Blasters - One Bad Stud - Streets of Fire soundtrack
X - Because I Do - Under the Big Black Sun
The Undead - My Kinda Town - 9 Toes Later 7”

White Kaps - Don’t Bother Me - Endless Bummer
Thrashin’ in the Streets - Shred of the Dead - Season of Evil
Spider Babies - Want You Right Here - Adventures in Sex! And Violence

Raw Power - Death Seller - You Are The Victim
Naked Aggression - Your Nightmare, My Life - March March Along
Moral Decline - FCC Can Suck My Balls - America For Sale

Plasmatics - Monkey Suit - New Hope For The Wretched
For Fuck Sake - Fashion Disorder - Trapped Like A Rat
Dirty Filthy Mugs - Another Round - All Yobs In

SCUM - Throw Up On You - Gospels For The Sick
The Cooters - Crusty - Punk Metal
Chapstik - Twat’s It To Ya? - Barnburner

Arcwelder - Harmonic Instrumental - Jacket Made in Canada
Jonestown - Short Time Left - Dope Guns & Fucking in the Streets comp.
Test Monkey - Monster Factory - Demo

Cobra Skulls - Cobra Skullifornia - Sitting Army
Mike Ness - Don’t Think Twice, It‘s All Right - Cheating at Solitaire

Duane Peters Gunfight - Voodoo Tramp - Checkmate

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Best Table in Hell 18

Best Table in Hell 18 has been uploaded to Real Punk Radio for Monday nights airing at Midnight est. as usual. Then will be ready for downloads at and itunes.

Cheers Joe!

Best Table in Hell 18

Accused - The Bag Lady Song - Martha Splatterhead’s Maddest Stories Ever Told

Detox - No Reggae in Russia - Detox

The Lash Outs - Dream Catcher - The Lash Outs

Dayglo Abortions - When the Big Hand Meets the Little Hand - Holy Shiite!

Half-Life - Under the Knife - All Our Yesterdays

Knucklehead - Compromise California - Voice Among Us

Members - Offshore Banking Business - 12” single

Anti Pasti - Blind Faith - Caution in the Wind

Business - Skaghead - Death II Dance

A Pretty Mess - Speed - We Are the Damaged Youth

Whipping Boy - Four Stations - Growing Pains comp.

Fuck Up’s - Get Out - FU82 ep.

Zero Boys - Dirty Alleys/Dirty Minds - Vicious Circle

Red Aunts - Freakathon - #1 Chicken

Bones Brigade - Board Youth - Older Than Shit Heavier Than time

Soul Asylum - Dragging Me Down - Say What You Will Clarence….

Outcry - 10,000 - Everything

Impaler - Shock Rock - Rise of the Mutants

Roger Miret & Disasters - Janie Hawk - 1984

The Dictators - I Am Right - D.F.F.D.

Cro-Mags - Show You No Mercy - Age of Quarrel

ISM - John Hinckley Jr ( What Has Jodie Foster Done to You)- The Big Apple: Rotten to the Core comp

Submachine - Aimless in the Face of a Bomb - Fresh Out Of Give-a-Fucks

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Best Table in Hell 15

Starting BTiH 15 off with some NOISE, Old School Noise. Then the Usual Punk, Skate, Hardcore....

Best Table in Hell 15

Big Black - L Dopa - Songs About Fucking
Cows - Koyaanisqats - Taint Pluribus Taint Unum
Cherubs - Blackhouse - Heroin Man

Butthole Surfers - Lady Sniff - Psychic… Powerless… Another Mans Sac
Bastards - Neighbor - Monticello
Killdozer - Ed Gein- Intellectuals are the Shoeshine Boys of the Ruling Elite

Sheer Terror - Just Can’t Hate Enough - Just Can’t Hate Enough
Zeke - Telepath Boy - Kicked in the Teeth
Murder Junkies - Messiah of Hate - Feed My Sleeze

Million Kids - Raw - LA’s Gonna Make You Breath
Govt Issue - Hall of Fame - Boycott Stabb
Antabus - Poser Punk - Hellraiser EP

Apa State Mental - RCA - Apa State Mental
MDC - My Family Is a Little Weird - Elvis in the Rheinland
Guttermouth - Bakers Dozen - Musical Monkey

Sloppy Seconds - Ice Cream Man - Knock Your Block off
The Divebombers - Can’t Wait to Let You Down - Demo
Throw Rag - Lil’ Danny - 13ft and Rising

The Pain - Blessed Are the Children - Arab On the Hill
Tough Tittie - Juarez - Pink Roid Rage
Fang - I’ve Got the Disease - Where The Wild Things Are

The Freeze - Killing Me - Freak Show/Crawling Blind
The Exploited - They Lie - Beat The Bastards

Fudge Tunnel- Tipper Gore - Creep Diets

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Best Table in Hell 17

BTiH 17 being sent off to Real Punk Radio for it's usual Midnight Monday night airing. Then will be ready for downloading on and itunes.

Cheers Joe!

Best Table in Hell 17

Ed Gein’s Car - Annette - Making Dick Dance
White Kaps - One-A-Night - Blown In The U.S.A.
SPLNTR - Wonder Why - Everything I have is Yours

Pink Lincolns - Bad Love - Pure Swank
Loudmouths - Saki To Me - Loudmouths
Common Enemy - Park Scabs and Ramp Tramps - T U I

Die Hunns - Wild - Long Legs
Agression - Stop the Clock - Don’t Be Mistaken
Los Olvidados - Pay Salvation - Listen To This

Boneless Ones - I’m a Skater/ Pipeline - Skate For the Devil
Slobbery Dognose - R & R Never Dies - New Breed
McRad - Dead By Dawn - FDR

SNFU - Mind Like A Door - If You Swear You’ll Catch No Fish
Riot .303 - Skate Punx - Thrasher Comp Vol. 1
Subhumans(Can)- For The Common Good - No Wishes No Prayers

Standard and Poor - What’s in the Big Black Bag - What’s in the Big Black Bag
Doggy Style - Dog Kart - Don’t Hit Me Up/Doggy Style II
Skoundrelz - Jimmy Closet - Thrasher Comp Vol. 1

Dragons - Downtown Something - Rock Like Fuck
Sperm birds - Scumbag/Shit Job - Something To Prove
Libido Boyz - Pissed To Be Alive - OPGU

Ill Repute - Did I have Fun - What Happened Then
Bouncing Souls - The BMX Song - Maniacal Laughter

Dead Kennedy’s - Government Flu - Plastic Surgery Disasters

Monday, August 2, 2010

Best Table in Hell 16

Best Table in Hell 16 is sent off to Real Punk Radio for it's usual Monday night airing at Midnight est. This week includes a bunch of stuff from Chicago. New Stuff from The Dead Class, and the usual Punk, Skate, Hardcore, Noise and always some Mpls stuff thrown in.

Best Table in Hell 16

Bad Chopper - Sick of It - Bad Chopper
Urinal Mints - I Wanna Smoke Crack With You - Own Your Soul
Moral Decline - I Need a Drink - E P

Appliances SFB - Pig - SFB
Red Cross - Burnout - Rodney on the Roq
Stench - From Hell - Cult Status

Gas Huffer - Mouthful - Janitors of Tomorrow
The Muderers - In With the Fuckers - The Murders
Articles of Faith - Acceptance - Give Thanks

MK-Ultra - These Things I Believe - Statues
Screeching Weasel - Don’t Turn Out The Lights - My Brain Hurts
Strike Under - Context - Immediate Action EP

Really Red - Prostitution - Let Them Eat Jellybeans
Big Boys - Fight Back - Fat Elvis
Tar Babies - On The Phone - Fried Milk

Stainless Steel Ride - Tuff Luck - Flipped Off By Cowboys
Unit F - American Shutdown - American Shutdown
The Dead Class - Dirty Dick - Your Own Personal Judas 13th Sept.

Yorkshire Rats - Everyday - Hope in the Homeland
Totally13 - Bad Motherfuckers Never Die - Bad Motherfuckers Never Die

Willis 45 - Frustrated - S.O.B.S