Sunday, July 18, 2010

Best Table in Hell 14 ready to go

Sent Best Table in Hell 14 in to Real Punk Radio. Will air on RPR Monday the 19th at Midnight est. Then will be available for download on and itunes. This week includes some Los Ass-draggers, Submachine, Swingin' Teens, Subversives, Riot Agents, RF7, Sacred Order.....

Best Table in Hell 14

Submachine - Raze It - Fresh Out Of Give-A-Fucks
Los Ass-Draggers - Make Me Rock - Abbey Roadkill
John Spencer Blues Explosion - Ghetto Mom - Jukebox Explosion

Big Trouble House - Union Feedgrain Mill - Mouthful of Violence
Swingin’ Teens - 7th Street - Transfixation
The Subversives - Lab Rat - Tomorrow Belongs to No one ep

Public Perverts - PCH - Badunkapunk
Two-Bit Terribles - Get Angry - Bigger, Badder and More Terrible
Toxic Reasons - Up Ahead and Around the Corner - No Peace in Our Time

Raunch Hands - Your Fat Friend We Never Learn (Eric Davidson)
Riot Agents - Cut the Middleman - To Hard to Fall
RF7 - Submit to Them Freely - Lung Cookies Comp

Sacred Order - The Right to Be Poor and Radical - Lung Cookies comp
BadiTudes - Faster Than Me - Terrorist 7
4 Past Midnight - It’s Not Right - Trials and Tribulations

Box Car Wino - Don’t Give Me No Lip - Brown Paper Bags
Hi-Fi & the Roadburners - Get Up and Go - Wine, Women & Sin
Duane Peters Gunfight - Blow My Brains - Duane Peters Gunfight

Motards - You Make Me Sick - Rock Kids
Battalion of Saints a.d. - Faster Faster - Cuts

Suicidal Tendencies - Discos Out… - Lights, Camera, Revolution